Fresh sawn and dried lumber.

"DAKO KOKS" produces lumber, which is used both in construction and finishing works.

Mostly we use pine wood, because its properties are well suited for both construction work, decoration materials and joinery.

There are different sizes of green and dry lumber in Rezekne warehouse and shop at the factory:

"DAKO KOKS" specializes in the construction of all necessary lumber assemblies - foundation pillars, floors, bearing structures and partitions for beam and column, roof structures (rafters), construction slabs for construction films.
Sawn materials used at each stage of construction must meet certain requirements for quality, size and moisture. Therefore, it is useful for you or the construction manager to contact us to discuss your needs and our ability to produce, dry, and deliver all the necessary materials for your construction in a timely manner. Years of experience has shown that looking for the cheapest option in several sawmills that can not offer all the necessary dimensions and quality, organizing transport from multiple sites, then transporting to the object is lost in time and money.

But we also work with other timbet, not only pine.