Ltd. "DAKO" your reliable partner since 1992!

Ltd "DAKO" was founded in July 1992 and the main activities were logistics and construction materials retail. As time went by, turnover and cutomers increased, which led to a decision of the creation of a building materials store that was later realized.

As the forest is the most widespread and richest natural resource in Latvia, a woodworking workshop "DAKO KOKS" was established in town Vilani. It is possible to purchase timber in Ltd "DAKO" building materials store "MĀJAIDĀRZAM" in Rezekne and in the woodworking workshop in Vilani. It is possible to order various custom-made timber products - from chairs, tables, doors, windows and ending with a finished log house.

The time went by, the number of customers and demand increased, and construction of a new building materials store was started, and in 2008 it was completed. We built a new store that was much larger than the previous one, and offers customers a much wider range of products. In addition to building materials, woodworking and freight transport, furniture shop is located next to the building of materials store and it is possible to order furniture from catalogs.
The main values ​​of Ltd "DAKO" are the well-being of employees and colleagues, and satisfaction with working conditions. It is very important that every customer is kindly serviced and happy after the deal, and would have a desire to come back. Long-term contacts and partnerships are created with our partners, which improves everyone’s well-being. Ltd "DAKO" is a 100% Latvian company with a domestic capital, which seeks to support and co-operate with Latvian construction materials manufacturers and wholesalers.

We are waiting for you in our building materials store, where you will be provided with all information about the product you are interested in. We will be glad to provide you the best service and offer.